Ongoing support


Here at Changing Futures Fostering we believe that the support we provide is vital to your fostering journey.  

Supervision – A named person (a Supervising Social Worker) will help you as you foster. They’ll visit you every fortnight and be available to talk to you and help you when you need more support. This fortnightly supervision will give you chance to talk about issues that are current for you, how the children and young people you care for are and to talk about your training and support needs.


Telephone Support – As well as the normal support you get form the agency and the Supervising Social Worker, you’ll also have access to a 24/ 7 out of hour’s telephone service that is open even on bank holidays. This means that when you need to reach out for support you will always have someone on the end of the line.

Attending Meetings – You will attend meetings for the children and young people you care for including Looked After Reviews and Care Team Meetings.  Your Supervising Social Worker will attend with you and help you to feel supported and that your voice is heard.  We know that you provide vital information about how the children and young people are doing and we want you to able to share this in way that supports you.

Support Groups – Spending time with your fellow foster parents is important and we will ensure that you have the opportunity to spend time with them in a facilitated meeting at least every month.  The agency will also provide you with an update on current news and developments.


Training – Our comprehensive training plan will provide lots of opportunities for ongoing learning and supporting for you and your family.  Training is vital to us all to expand our learning and support our existing skills.  Through attendance you will not only learn lots of new skills but you will also be able to use your existing skills and knowledge to share information and support your peers. Training will be monitored by your Supervising Social Worker and recorded in your regular supervision. 

Annual Review – Every year you will take part on your annual review and your Supervising Social Worker will provide a comprehensive report of how your year has been. This is a time to celebrate your achievements, those of the children and young people you care for and look at any areas for development.  Your annual review will be shared with the local authority/s of the children you care for.