Training in Therapeutic Fostering


Changing Futures through Fostering Training Programme. Delivered in our building or online.


Foster parents and young people who’ve been in care have helped design our training.

Our agency has developed a training programme that meets the needs of foster parents so that they can meet the needs of children and young people. We know this because it was designed in part by local foster parents and young people who had been in care.

We provide an extensive training programme from the onset of your fostering journey. This is an opportunity to work with the trainers on advancing your knowledge and meeting like-minded people who also wish to foster. You will also have an opportunity to meet current foster parents and young people who are or have been fostered.

From the start, you can expect to receive support tailored to your needs, from introducing you to the agency through providing sessions with family members who are part of the fostering household.


Our  training programme aims to promote sensitive and attuned foster care. Which helps develop a sense of belonging for foster children in their foster family and supports the child/ young person in all aspects of their development.

It's important when looking after children who have experienced a trauma or abuse that foster parents can reflect and understand differ child behaviours. We will do this by providing the right levels of training and support that feels centered around each individual fostering household. This support is key to maintaining placement stability.

Our agency was founded by a relationship focused charity That expertise means we keep relationships at the forefront of all the training. We will be mindful of all the relationships in the fostering household and help our foster parents to reflect on how things are.


What will I learn?


We will give you practical training that gives you tools and techniques to use in real life. Our training gives jargon free explanations about why and when to use them and how they might help.

Your training will cover mandatory elements such as first aid, fire safety and child development. Where we differ to our agencies is we go that step further, our training also covers,

Understanding of the impact of attachment experiences both

Paying attention to relationships involved in the fostering home and the impact of fostering on significant relationships.

Improve the capacity of all involved to understand themselves and one another better.

Training involved in understanding child development and the impact of trauma and abuse on children’s development-


Support that never stops......

Learning is a process and it doesn't end with training.... In fact really that's just the start! If you foster with us, you'll come to monthly group meetings with other foster parents supported by a skilled psychotherapist who will help you build and develop your skills. They'll be workshops practical training courses. This is all part of our care and support package, for foster parents. You can find more information about our support package here.