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Fostering Support

  • At Changing Futures Fostering we understand that when you feel supported, the children feel supported, too! That being said, we take our role in supporting you at every step very seriously!
  • What fostering support do we offer?
  • What fostering support networks are available to you?

At Changing Futures Fostering, we’ll work hard to give you as much help, guidance and support as we possibly can. Our not-for-profit fostering agency supports foster parents across the North East, and unlike larger fostering Agencies, we’re a 100{24b5b3332ad20feb700fa35bb29d74d071f5f1c61397cfd53d8aa5d8c708b328} locally based team, making us accessible for any advice or support you may need. We also understand that when you feel supported, the children feel supported, too!

Support by Changing Futures Fostering

Supporting you at every step

There is a lot more we can do for you once you start on your foster journey with us. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you have the right support and guidance to care for young people across the North East.

We provide:

  • 18 days Short Break Care You may need a break from time to time, and we will work with you to support this. However, if you don’t use it, we will pay you the cash value for any outstanding.
  • Birthday and School Summer Holiday Payments Amounting to £560 to £620 a year for every child placed with you.
  • Therapeutic Foster Parent TrainingPractical training & tools designed by foster parents and children who’ve been in care.
  • An Experienced Foster Parent as a Mentor Someone who has been there, done it and learned from experience. They know more about the realities of fostering than a social worker and can give you the benefit of their experience.
  • Psychology Support – Provided through monthly group supervision and any other time needed, we offer help with a tailored plan for your foster child.
  • Fortnightly Supervision from a skilled, experienced social worker in your first year (usually changing to monthly afterwards).
  • 24/7 Telephone Support from an appropriately trained member of staff.
  • Education Support Help finding the right school, getting the best education possible for your fostered child, and extra help in some subject areas if they need it. You can find out more here.
  • Access to Mentoring and Befriending for Fostered Children The child’s Social Worker can make a referral for this support, which usually involves a trusted adult meeting up with the young person every two weeks to do fun things together. It’s an extra layer of support for the young person that can help them have fun, enjoy life and build relationships.

Check our our competitive fees and allowances here

Support Networks:

Parents live in communities, and most families have a network of people around them to help them bring up the children and support the adults. We work with you to help you build the right support networks for you.

In addition to the support networks you already have in your families, friendship circles and your local community, we help you build relationships with other foster parents in our fostering community. They understand the unique challenges that come from being a foster carer, and many can give you a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on, and often some practical advice and insights based on their own experiences. We support newer foster parents with a mentor or buddy, which helps them progress in their fostering role.

Other Support:

Foster parents can access information and support from us and from a variety of other agencies. These include:

  • The Fostering Network, one of the UK’s leading fostering charities
  • Fosterline is a free helpline and website funded by the Department for Education, offering advice, information and support on all issues related to fostering. Calls to the advice line are free!
  • Foster Talk is an independent, non-profit organisation. They give professional support services to foster parents.


For more information on any of the fostering support available, please click here to contact us at Changing Futures Fostering!

I am excited at the thought of being able to bond enough with a child that they can feel safe and cared for with us as a family. The training you get at Changing Futures Fostering is also very therapeutic to you and your own family. It helps you understand each others behaviour, behaviours that you have lived with forever. It's been an added bonus for us as we have got so much out of that! I'm excited to see where all this takes us.

- Clare's Fostering Experience

Support by Changing Futures Fostering

What happens next?

When you get in touch with us it’s an opportunity for you to ask questions, raise queries and talk about how you see fostering fitting in with your family. It’s also an opportunity for us to ask a few questions about how you will fit fostering emotionally and physically into your life. At this stage all we are trying to do is invest some time together to see if being a foster parent is the right fit for you.