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Why Foster?

  • Why should you foster? What are the benefits of fostering?
  • Fostering a child & providing them with a loving, happy & stable home is a truly rewarding experience!
  • With the number of children coming into care increasing, for a variety of reasons, there really has never been a more important time to act – you can make a difference!

"Being a foster parent has changed my life for the better in ways I never imagined, and I'm grateful to be a part of their journey towards a brighter future."

Susan, foster parent

Why Foster by Changing Futures Fostering

Fostering parents say fostering is hugely rewarding. It can bring them joy, happiness, satisfaction and a sense of using and building their skills. As with most worthwhile things in life, it can be tough going, but it’s absolutely worth the energy and effort.

Children and young people need stable and loving foster homes, and the number keeps growing.

Children need foster parents for all sorts of reasons. Some have had parents who’ve become ill or died. Many have been abused or neglected. While the reasons differ, all will be in need of a suitable home, and all will have experienced the trauma that comes from moving away from their birth family. Some will have difficulty adjusting to life in a new home. That’s where the therapeutic training and supervision we offer comes into its own, as it helps you understand how what has happened to young people shapes their current feelings and behaviour and how to respond. Our staff have loads of experience, and we’ve some very experienced foster parents who mentor you and provide support.

Increasing numbers of young people are coming into care, driven by a mix of things like poverty, parental substance use, domestic violence and mental health. Some children are going into care many miles away from their friends and family when actually it’s best for them to be fostered where they have existing relationships. Some siblings are being broken up because of a lack of sibling placements.

There has never been a more important time to step forward and help! By opening your heart and home, you can create a safe and nurturing environment for children and young people who may have faced challenging circumstances early on in life. You can help make the difference.

Change a child’s life

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a young person develop their self-belief, set goals and achieve them. The joy and happiness they experience as they learn new skills and grow in confidence will support you through the worthwhile challenge of fostering.

Why Foster by Changing Futures Fostering

Build your knowledge and grow personally

Fostering is professional parenting. As a super parent, you’ll develop your skills and talents through the therapeutic training and other training that we offer. Sometimes, this will be instead of a ‘normal career’. You will learn far more about yourself and other people by fostering than you will in almost any other walk of life. You’ll understand how children and adults think and behave, why, and how best to help and support them. Over time, you might want to develop your skills through higher-level training.


Why Foster by Changing Futures Fostering

Financial income and other support

Fostering can give you a good income that reflects the skills and commitment you need to be a super parent. Fostering requires dedication, time, effort and, of course, money. To reflect the skills and commitment needed to be a foster parent, we offer competitive fees that recognise the value of your role in shaping a child’s future. These often pay enough for you to foster full-time. You can learn more about our fees and support here.

You also receive money for summer holidays and a generous short break care allowance.


Why Foster by Changing Futures Fostering

Because you value relationships and community

Fostering allows you to build meaningful connections and relationships with children, birth families, and everyone involved at Changing Futures Fostering.

You become part of a supportive community, sharing experiences and learning from others who are passionate about making a difference. The bonds formed through fostering can be lifelong and provide a sense of belonging and purpose. We have regular group training and group activities for foster parents and children.


Community for foster parents

Interested in starting your fostering journey, or want to know more about fostering with Changing Futures Fostering? Please click here to contact us, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.