Who can foster?

Foster parents come from all walks of life.

Foster parents come from different cultural and social backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and are of various sexual orientations, physical abilities, ages and genders. You might rent or own your own house. You might be single, or in a relationship. We welcome all enquiries and do not discriminate against anyone because of their age, race, beliefs, sexual orientation or gender.

There is not one single profile of what makes a good foster parent. All children are unique with different needs. We need different people to meet their needs. What really matters above all else is that you have the capacity to love, care for and provide a stable home for a child or young person.

You can foster with our Agency if:

  • You’re over the age of 21.

  • Have one or more spare bedrooms.

  • Can drive or have consistent access to a car.

  • You have the personal qualities that mean you can be a great foster parent.

  • If you have children at home, we will need to consider their age and circumstances to decide if it’s the right time for you as a family.

  • You live in the North East area or Yorkshire. This includes but is not limited to Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington, Hartlepool, Redcar, Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland.

We're completely transparent about our fee's and support offer to our foster parents.

Our support package was created in collaboration with foster parents. We found out from those with the most lived experience what can our Agency do to make the fostering experience the best it can be.

Find out more here.

Unlike other agency's we train all our foster parents in a therapeutic parenting approach. Learn more about why that it's important here.

Fostering is a wonderful and life changing commitment, having lots of questions is to be expected. Find our FAQ's here

 Speaking with our team helps you decide whether fostering is right for you.

Leave your contact details with us and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.  At this point there is no obligation for you or our agency to take your enquiry further, it’s all about just investing some time to see whether fostering can fit into your life.

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