Fostering is a rewarding but BIG decision to make!

The most important thing you can give a young person is that there is a 'we' , no matter what. 

Across the North East we know there are hundreds of people who would make fantastic foster parents, people with the right qualities and skills to provide a child or young person with a stable, nurturing relationship and a loving home environment.


We also know that big life changing decisions take time to think about and for others keen to foster right now they are simply not in a position to do so such as not having a spare room. That's why we offer a free support package that keeps you supported and progressing on your path to becoming a foster parent.


Support To Get Started

 Everyone starts thinking about fostering under different circumstances but what they all have in common is the desire to change a child's future. Our Keeping In Touch package provides you updates, training videos and much more whilst you progress into a place where you can foster.

 We'll also put you in touch with a member of our team who you can speak to regularly. They'll get to know your circumstances and give you and your family personalised support so you can reach your fostering aspirations.

Once your circumstances have changed are ready to foster our team will help guide you through the whole process to becoming approved. You can read more about that process here

Questions To Think About Before Becoming A Foster Parent

If you're considering becoming a foster parent there are lots of things to consider. We've put together a few questions below that would be helpful to think about when considering how fostering might fit into your life. Remember, we welcome all enquiries and questions so please get in touch for further information.

Although you might be ready to foster it is important to speak with those that you live with about your aspirations to become a foster parent. If you are married, cohabiting and/or have children that live with you they will all be involved in the fostering assessment process when you get to that point. Our agency will also speak to people who spend significant amounts of time at your home.

To be a foster parent you need to have at least one spare room in your home for that child or young person.

 You will also need to think whether you have the emotional space to love and care for a vulnerable child. In our foster parent training and if you join the Keeping In Touch Support offer we'll support you to think about this but it is important you have considered this yourself first.


This is important, as fostering a child can become very stressful at times.1 It's good to have someone who will listen if you need to vent. As an approved foster parent you'll have access to our foster parent support group, a fostering mentor and supervision every 2 weeks from one of our social workers.

There are children and young people of all ages and backgrounds needing foster parents in the North East. Some of them are siblings looking to live together, some are little children and others are teenagers who have been in care for a long time.


If you are reading this bit then it is likely you are looking to become a foster parent in the future but maybe now isn't the right time.

Taking the time to reflect about whether fostering can fit into your life right now highlights how you are already becoming to think 'child focused'. When looking at starting your fostering journey and the assessment its important that things are fairly settled in your life, no new babies or moves on the horizon.

Our Keeping In Touch Support Offer means that you can start your fostering journey whilst everything else is falling into place,



Let's get started..

To join our support service you just need to get in touch! You can ring us on 01429 363127, you can message through Facebook Messenger ( check the messenger icon on the bottom right of this page). Or simply click the big button below and send us your details.