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Jenna’s Fostering Journey: Getting Started with Training

Follow Jenna’s journey as she documents her way to becoming a foster parent. This week, Jenna talks about getting started with therapuetic foster parent training and why it’s so important to her.

The foster assessment is going well, and Mark mentioned there are just a few things left before a panel date is set. But for now, I’m focused on training and getting prepared.

After sending in my application and starting the assessment, I looked into the training program offered by Changing Futures Fostering. I mentioned before that I was really interested in their focus on therapeutic fostering, which is all about giving special care to each child’s needs, especially those who’ve had tough times.

Therapeutic fostering isn’t just regular caregiving. It’s about understanding and helping children who’ve been through hard things. That really clicked with me because I am a bit believer in empathy and healing when it comes to supporting a child.

The training at Changing Futures Fostering is designed with input from local families and young people who’ve been in foster care. It helps foster parents learn practical skills and understand the ups and downs of fostering, which I think is just brilliant.

What I liked most about the training sessions was how interactive they were. Instead of just listening, we got to join in discussions and act out real-life situations. It made learning fun and helped us support each other. I loved the challenge of each session. Of course, I knew a bit of information about safeguarding and how to help young people’s wellbeing from my teaching days, but the amount I learnt has truly blown me away.

One part of the training that stood out to me was learning about trauma-informed care. Understanding how trauma affects kids is important for helping them heal. Through workshops and real-life stories, I learned ways to help kids build resilience and why it’s so important for their development.

We also went through some common practical skills we need to know, such as fire safety and first aid. I was definitely more familiar with this type of training.

As I go through the training, I feel more confident and ready for what’s ahead. I know I’ve still got a lot more work to do, and the learning never stops! but Mark and Sarah have been so helpful and supportive. They’ve boosted my confidence and made me feel sure about becoming a foster parent.

By embracing therapeutic fostering, I’m not just starting a new journey for myself, but I’m also opening my home to a young person who need care and support. Each training session reminds me of how much of a difference foster parents can make in vulnerable children’s lives, and I know I’m doing an amazing thing.