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Fostering Washington

  • Why is Washington in desperate need of foster parents?
  • What is the impact of fostering?
  • Thinking of fostering in Washington? Hear how Changing Futures can help…

The Need For Foster Parents In Washington

Washington, like many other areas in the UK, is in desperate need of dedicated foster parents to help deal with the unfortunate rising numbers of children and young people going into care. This number of children and young people is constantly increasing, with more and more individuals needing long-standing stability and structure to grow and develop as any child should. At Changing Futures, we are continually looking for prospective and veteran foster parents in and around the area to provide these much-needed homes for vulnerable children and young people. Fostering in Washington is much more than providing 4 walls and a roof over their head; it is also creating a stable, secure and fun environment that provides a sense of belonging and identity to children and young people who may have never had it. It is also about creating valuable, long-lasting relationships that are built on mutual trust and friendship.

What Is The Impact Of Fostering?

The impact of fostering is enormous, not only for the children or young people in your care, but also for you. For children, it means safety, stability and the chance to thrive and have fun in a supportive environment. Many children and young people in care have been through some very difficult and traumatic environments, so a safe and supportive environment can play a vital role in their healing, recovery and development.

The experience is equally rewarding for you. Seeing the child or young person in your care grow, develop, overcome challenges and changes, and achieve their potential is incredibly fulfilling! Additionally, fostering can benefit individuals with biological children, as it can strengthen existing family bonds, creating a unified sense of purpose and community.

Fostering With Changing Futures

At Changing Futures, we are dedicated to providing vulnerable children and young people with a warm, loving and safe home where they can succeed and grow. From the initial enquiries to the fostering assessment, panel and training process and beyond, we will be with you at every stage of your fostering journey. Our support never ends, with no question or query unanswerable. We understand that fostering isn’t without its challenges, but our aim is to ensure a smooth transition for both you and the children in your care!

Fostering children and young people in Washington is a vital service that helps shape brighter futures for vulnerable children. The journey may be a challenging one, but the rewards are huge, and you can make a lasting difference in a child’s life.  If you have the commitment and compassion to provide a nurturing, safe and fun environment, consider becoming a foster carer in Washington and be a part of this life-changing mission.

For more information and to start your fostering journey, contact Changing Futures Fostering by visiting our website,, or call our dedicated fostering team at 01429 363 127 to express your interest and to get more information.