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Fostering North East

  • Are you thinking of fostering in the North East?
  • What are the benefits of fostering in the north east? How is the future of fostering looking?
  • Changing Futures are there every step of the way – see what some of our foster parents in Hartlepool, North East think…

Fostering North East

Within the North East are communities where hope finds its home in the hearts of foster families. Fostering isn’t just about providing shelter; it’s a guiding light for children who have known little but darkness; it’s providing nurturing environments and safe spaces to grow. Here at Changing Futures Fostering, we recognise and value the impact fostering has within the North East by highlighting stories of support, love, and transformation.

Building Stronger Communities

Fostering doesn’t just impact the lives of children; it strengthens the foundation of entire communities. By offering stability and guidance to vulnerable children and young people, foster families contribute to development and inspiring values of empathy and kindness, all of which helps to shape the people of the North East.

Challenges and Rewards

Fostering isn’t without its challenges; it demands patience, understanding, and commitment. Despite the trials, there are immeasurable rewards. The joy of seeing a child’s first smile, the pride in seeing their achievements, and the knowledge that you’ve made a difference in their life – these moments are far greater than any difficulties.

The Future of Fostering in North East

As we look to the future, fostering remains a symbol of hope. With each new foster family that opens its doors, a brighter tomorrow is built for children. By continuing to champion the cause of fostering and providing support to those who undertake this journey, we pave the way for a future where every child can flourish.

Hear from our Foster carers in Hartlepool, North East

Deb and Mally are part of our fostering community in Hartlepool and have been part of the changing futures fostering family for 2 years now. Here is what they had to say:

“We had been fostering for 11 years when we decided that we would look for a new agency and whilst many carers worry about the process of transferring, we can honestly say joining CFF was the best thing we ever did.

From the first home visit to fostering panel we were made to feel part of the growing CFF family. We were kept updated with where in the process our application was and what the next steps would be. In October 2022, we attended panel and officially joined CFF.

As experienced carers, we were encouraged from the start of our journey with CFF to share the knowledge and skills we had amassed over 13 years caring for 38 children.

The attraction to CFF was two-fold: firstly, they were local (Hartlepool), our home town, and secondly, they were a new agency which openly welcomed our experience. The added bonus when meeting with the fostering manager was her enthusiasm for fostering and her short, medium and longtime vision for the agency.

We were sold from the off and we can say we have not been disappointed, the staff team are exceptional and their support for carers is second to none with monthly home supervision, monthly support meetings, face to face training, generous allowances, 18 days respite, 24hr phone support plus social activities.

We have been encouraged to get involved as carers in all aspects of the agency including delivery of training, shaping policy, recruitment of new carers and supporting existing carers.

CFF is a fostering family with exceptional staff working with exceptional carers to better the lives of exceptional children.”

In the North East, fostering is more than a service; it is a testament to the strength of its people and their spirit. It is a reminder that, as well as life’s challenges, love has the power to transform lives. We continue to celebrate the efforts of our foster families across the region with our commitment to nurturing hope and building brighter futures for all children. If you would like to know more about fostering with us, please email us at, give us a call on 01429 363 127 or find us on Facebook at Changing Futures Fostering to speak to our amazing fostering team!