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Fostering Durham

  • Why is Durham desperately in need of foster carers?
  • What is the impact of fostering?
  • Thinking of fostering in Durham? – Hear from one of our incredible foster parents in Durham

Fostering in Durham

Fostering children and young people is an incredible thing to do, one that provides a lifeline to those in need of a safe and loving place to grow. Fostering isn’t without its challenges, but it also offers unique opportunities, backed by Changing Futures Fostering commitment to supporting vulnerable children. This blog explains the need for foster carers in Durham, the impact it has on lives, and how you can become a part of this transformative journey with Changing Futures Fostering by your side.

Understanding Fostering and the Need in Durham

Fostering is the act of providing a home for children who cannot live with their biological families due to various reasons. Here at Changing Futures Fostering, we pride ourselves on making long-term foster placements and giving children the long-standing stability and structure they need to live well. Durham, like many places, faces a pressing need for foster carers. The number of children requiring foster care has been steadily increasing, and we are always looking for individuals and families who can offer safe and nurturing homes. Fostering in Durham is more than providing a roof over a child’s head; it’s about offering strength, security, beautiful surroundings, and a sense of belonging to children and young people who need it most.

The Impact of Fostering

Fostering has a great impact on both the children and the carers. For children, it means stability, safety, and the chance to thrive in a supportive environment. Many children in foster care have experienced significant trauma, and a supporting foster home can be a critical factor in their recovery, healing and development.

For foster carers, the experience can be incredibly rewarding. Seeing a child grow, overcome challenges, and achieve their potential is extremely fulfilling. Additionally, fostering can strengthen existing family bonds, bringing a sense of purpose and community involvement.

Hear from Changing Futures Foster carer, Georgia

Georgia is one of our foster parents in Durham, and she shares her experience:

“It has been three and a half years now since I started fostering. I am pleased to say, I have a wonderful seven year old boy who is full of energy and life and it has been confirmed he will be a long term placement, staying with me until he reaches adulthood.

I have fostered five children in total and had several more through respite care.  Every child has been unique and from very different backgrounds. One boy stayed with me for only a few months, and he eventually returned home. I saw my role as support to him, to help him understand the unfair world (as he saw it) he found himself in and work with him to support him and his raw emotions, such as absconding from school and running away coupled with getting into trouble and getting in with the wrong people. I miss him so much still to this very day.

At times it has been exhausting, staying up on a night to settle a distressed child. Getting up the next day to deal with the symptoms of trauma which can make everyday life challenging. However, I am grateful for the quality of life I have with all my children, biological and fostered. It is an amazing journey where the ups are far greater than the downs. I cannot imagine living any other way of life and only wish I had been in a position to do this sooner.”

Fostering children and young people in Durham is a critical service that helps shape brighter futures for vulnerable children. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards are huge, and you can make a lasting difference in a child’s life.  If you have the compassion and commitment to provide a nurturing environment, consider becoming a foster carer in Durham and be part of this life-changing mission.

For more information and to start your fostering journey, contact Changing Futures Fostering by visiting our website,, or call our dedicated fostering team at 01429 363 127 to express your interest and to get more information.