Consultation event with young people - Changing Futures Fostering

Consultation event with young people

As part of our initial work to ensure that we understand what was needed, we spoke with some young people who have recently left care and are supported locally.  The young people were incredibly generous with their time and want to be involved moving forward in ensuring we get things as right as possible and who better to help us.

As part of the sessions the young people shared very positive experiences of being fostered and gave a very strong message that

We wanted to be an equal member of the family.

We liked it when we were treat the same as the rest of the family even if we didn’t like the rules.

We would know when we meet Foster Parents if they are ok.

We feel that the young people’s voices need to be heard and we will continue to consult with them and speak to all children and young people in the agency to ensure their voices are heard.