Becoming a Foster Parent in Lockdown 3.0 - Changing Futures Fostering

Becoming a Foster Parent in Lockdown 3.0

It was unsurprising to many that we entered another lockdown and for the many of us living in the North East, tier 3 had been our norm for many weeks already.  It has been challenging for us all but the effect on children and young people living in care has been disproportionate. At the start of 2021 it is estimated that there is a need for over 8000 new foster parents to provide safe , healing homes for children in care.

Can I still start the fostering recruitment process during this lockdown?

Regardless of what tier and lockdown situation Changing Futures Fostering is subject to, we will still be recruiting foster parents across the north east. For those people who are keen to find out how they can start their fostering journey all they need to do is enquire here or simply call 01429 363127.

At enquiry, our fostering manager Sarah will talk you through how well supported you’ll be even in local restrictions.

What’s different?

We’re digital. We launched our agency in the middle of the pandemic, providing fantastic support to foster parents online is no challenge to us.

We’ve also kept it simple. We use easy and well known programmes to guide you through the foster parent recruitment process; zoom, video calls, emails and phone calls. You do not need to download anything specific or new to be able to train and learn about fostering therapeutically.

Support to all prospective carers has continued and as always has been flexible to fit in with other life commitments. We will support, train and guide you through process whilst keeping everyone’s safety a priority.

To learn more about our support package and how we look after our foster parents, head here!