365 Days of Changing Futures!

14 October 2021

This September marked 1 year since Changing Futures Fostering launched. We would never have thought way back when we started setting up our Agency that we would be launching during a global pandemic.

To mark our first year of operation we spent a lot of time in our Hartlepool community. After months of meeting people digitally (which we’ve loved!) it was great to be out speaking with people.

Our celebration aim was to raise awareness of the fantastic role foster parents play in helping to transform children’s lives and to share the benefits of joining our small, locally based and not for profit Agency.

We would like to a huge thank you to our community and the press that supported us in September. We received such a warm welcome everywhere we went and also met people who will be soon starting their fostering journey with us!

"It's hard to believe that we have reached year 1 in such an unprecedented time but what it has taught me is that the people of the north east remain committed to supporting children and young people who have faced adversity. We can not thank our foster parents and colleagues enough for helping our children and young people when they need them most." Sarah Richardson, Fostering Manager.


What we’ve learned in our first year!

  • Being established by a charity was important to people- Whenever we went out in our Hartlepool community everyone knew about our founding charity, Changing Futures North East. After 20 years in the Teesside community helping families and children in care, people recognised why we established Changing Futures Fostering and how our charity experience meant we had the right skills to help foster parents.
  • Our local presence meant we could offer individualised and extensive help to our foster parents.- “The support I’ve received is above and beyond excellent. I can call anyone for advice 24/7. You would be surprised just how much talking a situation in real time can help deescalate how you react. I can only recommend you ask the questions to suit your family and be ready to change you as well as a child's life for the better.” Clare, foster parent.
  • Our therapeutic fostering training & support package helps foster parents nurture children & young people-Whilst recruitment of prospective foster parents has been challenging during the pandemic our values & therapeutic support package has been beneficial to the children we help.

What's Coming Next?!

We will be continuing to be out in the community!

  • You can find out us at M&S Hartlepool on Thursday 21st Oct and Thursday 18th Nov.
  • You’ll find us most Thursdays at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre in October as well, keep checking our Facebook page to see dates!
  • With Christmas quickly approaching we will be at High Throston Christmas Market on Sunday 28th November and Hartlepool Farmers Market Saturday 11th December to talk to you about this Christmas and New Year you can start your fostering journey.
  • We will be continuing to offer digital support with info sessions and enquiries handled online for your convenience. Upcoming dates will be posted on our Facebook page.

We are incredibly optimistic about the year ahead, we know our Agency provides foster parents with the highest level of support meaning children & young people finding loving and nurturing homes. If you would like more information about joining our fostering agency whether now or in the future we would love to hear from you.


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